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November 26,2006
Selling your art online
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If you take orders and sell your art online, you may be already aware that MyArtClub.Com provides the convenience of using Paypal or other payment providers to take orders. You can place your payment options with each work of art showing or you can create your own catalogue to show all your works on one page.

MyArtClub provides each artist with their own catalogue space designed to let you arrange conveniently all the various ways you may sell your work. All you need to do is specify the product and the price, and the catalogue takes care of the rest. We also offer an email order form for your customer to send you an order by email.

When the artist sets up their catalogue, a link appears from their artist page to their catalogue. The catalogue displays their art thumbnails included in the catalogue along with the information previously shown under each art page.

Each work of art can have up to 8 different offerings. Therefore you can sell your original art, giclees as well as prints of your art in different sizes and perhaps cards, then you can list all of these formats in the catalogue with different prices attached to each. You can set up your catalogue so that you can use PayPal for payment service by email or bank transfer, have the customer contact you directly for payment or sell through your merchant services account. The catalogue is linked to the individual art page so that the payment options are also available on the art page.

Here is how you do it
To turn on your artist catalog, login in to your member site, click on the link to your "Maintain artist page" and select option 8, "Add your Artist Payment Options". Select option 2 to start your catalog.
Then click on the "Art" tab or from the main menu, click on your "Maintain Art Menu" and a new column is shown that allows you to select which art images to include in your catalogue.

Update the database with your selected art images by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Then click on the "Edit Catalog" link beside the button to take you into the catalogue setup page. Click on the "edit" link to add your payment options for each of the items you want to sell.

This article was first published in the My Art News Letter #14

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