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November 26,2011
Posting a message to your Facebook Account
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If you wish to take advantage of the MyArtClub.Com feature that allows you to post a message to Facebook when you upload your art or blog to your site, you must first enter the information into your site and authorize MyArtClub.Com to post the message on your behalf.

Setting up your account to post to Facebook is very straight forward. Login to your member site. From the main menu of your member site, click on the link -> Build or Maintain information to Market your site. Then click on the menu item -> Add or update your Facebook account id.

From this screen you can either enter your UserName or the Facebook id number that identifies your site. An easy way to find your Facebook id is to click on your name (beside your picture on your Facebook page or the name which appears on the top line of your page. This is your profile page. In the address line of the browser you will see a line that looks like this: The number after the id= is your Facebook identifier number.

Whichever identifier you use, either your Facebook UserName or the id, enter this information into the field "Facebook profile identifier" and click on the button "Upload Facebook id". We will search Facebook for this identifier and if it is found, your name, your username and the Facebook id will be returned to the screen. You have now identified yourself to Facebook.

Only one step left. You need to authorize MyArtClub.Com to post on your behalf. This will result in MyArtClub being listed as an App on your Facebook page. Like any other App, you can revoke access to it at any time. However, when you do so, you will no longer be able to post your messages to your Facebook page until you authorize the App again.

To authorize MyArtClub.Com as a Facebook app, just click on the link. A Facebook page will come up asking you to authorize the MyArtClub App. If you are logged in to your Facebook page in another browser window, Facebook will pick up your identification from that window. Otherwise you will have to enter your Facebook user and password information.

MyArtClub.Com does not have access to your Facebook password and only uses the authorization to post on your behalf.

You are now ready to Post a message to Facebook whenever you upload a work of art to your artist website. When you load a work of art and post it to the site, you get a link to Notify Your Fans which allows you to send out an email to the email addresses you have added to your site.

A new link has been provided that allows you to post a message to Facebook or tweet to your Twitter account. If you wish to send an email to your email list, do this function first. When you have sent you message, the link to Post a message to Facebook will still be available. Or if you don't wish to send out an email, click on the link now.

You will be presented with a screen that asks you whether you want to post a message to Facebook or send a tweet from Twitter (assuming that you have both accounts established on your site). Click on the "Yes" radio button beside the entry "Post a message to Facebook: ". Click on the "Post Message to Facebook" Button at the bottom of the screen.

A new screen will either ask you to authorize MyArtClub to post a message to Facebook on your behalf, or provide you with a text box that allows you to enter your message to your Facebook page. The message also includes a thumbnail of the art work that you have just posted, and a link back to your artist website.

Let us know how you like the feature, whether there are any other options that are required, or if you have any difficulties.

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