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May 31,2012
Posting videos with no following referral videos
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Posting a video on MyArtClub.Com can be done on any place where you have text fields. You may want to set up a spot on your website, under a suitable heading, or you may want to use your blog. Either way, after you post your video on Youtube, request the embed code and copy into your website.

Here is an example of embedding code as it started out, before eliminating the referrals. To skip ahead, as you start to play the video, drag the bottom video progress indicator to the very end, than at the finish you will see several small video images. These are all links to other videos,perhaps to competing artists i.e. they are not referred to by the artist in question here:

At the end of your video, if you don't want people to see other people's content that may be related but may as well be in competition to you here is a tip I found from a handy video tips source:

QUOTE: Just add &rel=0 to the end of the url part of the embed code and you just turned off the related video suggestions! END OF QUOTE

Well, I found it was not quite that easy. You need to use a different way of showing the link than Youtube provides so conveniently.

First here is the actual code used in the above video (sorry to make this display on a webpage I am using LESSTHAN GREATERTHAN and QUOTE in place of the actual usual symbols):

LESSTHANiframe title=QUOTEYouTube video playerQUOTE width=QUOTE640QUOTE height=QUOTE390QUOTE src=QUOTE allowfullscreenGREATERTHANLESSTHAN/iframeGREATERTHAN

Note the part of the code to identify the particular movie is: fFwS25vZdWs (this will come in handy later)

Now let's see the movie embedding code without related videos. To do this, you have to use the object embed mode. With this version you are able to edit with your particular link. Just be sure not to remove the code &rel=0 as that part of the code is what turns off the related videos. Note also in this mode that you need to say the code 2 times, vs just the one time above . I also found often a blank space would be slipped in when I copied the link in. Be sure no blank spaces are inserted or it will not work. Here is the amended code:



LESSTHANparam name= QUOTE wmode QUOTE value= QUOTE transparent QUOTE > LESSTHANembed src=QUOTE type=QUOTEapplication/x-shockwave-flashQUOTE wmode=QUOTEtransparentQUOTE width=QUOTE640 QUOTE height= QUOTE 390 QUOTE >


Here is the result, a happy ending with a REPLAY button, no referral links:

If you run into any difficulties, just email us at [email protected]

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