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June 30,2006
My text all runs together. What's with that?
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The language used to format your data on your website and publish it on the internet is called HTML. For the most part, MyArtClub.Com looks after the formatting of data on your site so you don't have to. However when you enter your Artist Information or Art Information, your data is subject to the same HTML formatting rules as the rest of your website.

Using HTML, the web will delete all carriage returns, line feeds and extra spaces that you have entered. Therefore when you enter the following data into the MyArtClub.Com Artist data entry form:

Gallery ABC
123 Main Street

You will see the information on your site as follows:

Gallery ABC 123 Main Street Vancouver

You overcome this, you must use a few basic commands to format the text so it appears as you want it to.

What are some common format HTML tags you can use on your text?

Give me a break
You can format the data by adding
wherever you'd like to have the Internet start a new line. To get the data to appear as you want, you must enter the data as such:

Gallery ABC

123 Main Street


Tag - Your It
When you are adding information to your site, you can format the text with some simple commands (called tags). The tags appear between the < and > characters

Provides a line break

Provides a space between two lines (paragraph mark)
bold text Bolds the text that appears between the tags.
underline text Underlines the text that appears between the tags.

Lists, Lists, Lists
If you wish to create a list of items and either number the list or use bullets to denote the list, you can use the following tags.

Use the

      tag to specify an


      rdered (numbered)



Use the

      tag to specify an


      nordered (bulleted)




      For each item in the list, use the
    • tag to specify a List Item.
      Close the list item with

To finish the list, you must close the list with either

or depending on the type of list you used.

For example if you where to create a list of the medium you paint in, you could format your list as follows

Entering your information like this:


    1. Acrylic


    1. Pen and Ink


    1. Watercolour


Your information appears like this

  1. Acrylic
  2. Pen and Ink
  3. Watercolour

Entering your information like this


    • Acrylic


    • Pen and Ink


    • Watercolour


Your information appears like this

  • Acrylic
  • Pen and Ink
  • Watercolour

Email me a copy
To create a link to your email address, use the following html format:

[email protected]

where you substitute your email address for "[email protected]"

Link me up, Scottie
To create a link to another site, use the following html format

Note Use the exact symbols and (from experience!) test every time you add a new link to make sure it works:

Click Here For My Other Site

where you substitute your particular web address for "" and
where you substitute what you want to be clicked on for Click Here for My Other Site

For more information on formatting your text

There are many sites which offer information on formatting your text using HTML.

Some sites which have introductory information can be found at:

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML


HTML Goodies:

HTML Code Tutorial:

You can also buy books which cover these topics at your favourite book store.


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