Westwood Arbutus
Eileen Williamson   "Westwood Arbutus"   Acrylic   12 by 9 by 1 in.   $295.00

My grandmother gave me my first box of watercolours when I was 5 years old and said " I was an artist."

I was born in London, England, and came to Canada at a young age living in Toronto, Ontario before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia. I have been drawing and painting for myself all my life. It was not until I moved to Nelson, British Columbia that I became involved with the arts community and started putting my work in galleries and art shows. I now live in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island and continue to paint and show my work.

I am pulled to the mystery and spirituality of the land. I feel a powerful need to translate what I see onto canvas. I paint to capture and express the natural wonders in the hopes that others will see what I see.

I have created art in oils, watercolour, pen and ink and charcoal. At this stage of my art career I paint in acrylic. I have worked as a photographer and darkroom technician, paste - up artist, muralist, illustrator, set designer and graphic artist.

Contact information: emw1@shaw.ca

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