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My Art News Letter #20
In this newsletter:
  • Art Database surpasses 7000
  • MyArtClub.Com Blog
  • MasterCard payment offered
  • MyArtClub.Com Payment Services
  • Email Problems using a free web mail address
  • The Group Blog
  • Advertising on the Internet
  • Visit us at the Arts Connection
Art Database surpasses 7000

The MyArtClub.Com Art Database has continued to grow as new artists join and existing artists add additional works of art. This month a new milestone number of works of art in the MyArtClub.Com Art Database was reached when the 7000th image was added.

Each week we add over 200 new artworks, so please come and see!! You can easily access these by looking under "Find Art", then search on Recent Works = week.

MyArtClub.Com Blog

MyArtClub.Com is pleased to present a series of marketing tips for artists. We will provide a variety of commentary and observations from our own experience, our studies of the market and trends on the internet gathered from courses and seminars we have attended on marketing, and especially internet marketing for art.

We decided to use our own site tools to present these tips, by starting a MyArtClub.Com blog page. Please do have a look at .

If you wish to be notified when we add new commentary, please sign up for our email notification available on the blog page. Suggestions, comments to post, or ideas for future blog columns can be easily submitted by commenting on our current blog, or by sending us an email at [email protected].

MasterCard Payment Offered

Have you had difficulties in trying to sign up or renew using MasterCard? Good news � we now take MasterCard directly through our payment processor. MyArtClub.Com is pleased to now offer payment for any of our services directly through the TD Bank/Canada Trust online payment services. We can take payment via VISA, American Express or MasterCard over the internet, for instant update.

If you prefer to provide your credit card payment by phone, let us know your intention by email and we can contact you directly to gather your information.

You can still use PayPal for sending electronic direct payments from your bank account by email to [email protected]

MyArtClub.Com Payment Services

Now that we have a full suite of payment mechanisms, MyArtClub.Com would like to ask you, our artists, if this can serve you. Would you like to use MyArtClub.Com credit card payment capabilities to make it easier for your customers to purchase your art work online?

MyArtClub.Com payment services would allow you to add Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards to your art pages or art catalogue and then process the sale and payment through MyArtClub.Com. The service fee for this offering is anticipated to be between 12 and 15% of the cost of the transaction. Artists would be responsible for packaging and shipping their art work.

Sound interesting? Let us know at [email protected]

Email Problem using a web mail address

Several artists have noticed they are not hearing from the folks contacting them through the MyArtClub.Com website. We discovered problems for artists using a generic free email, like Hotmail, or Yahoo email addresses with email being forwarded from the MyArtClub.Com contact forms. In particular the email being forwarded from the contact forms is ending up in the Hotmail (or Yahoo) junk mail folders.

In order to overcome this problem, we have created an alternative email address that will be used, if you fill it in, to forward your email directly to this alternative address. For this email use the one provided by your internet service provider e.g. or

This alternative email address will not be displayed on your site and will only be used to forward your email from MyArtClub.Com. However, by filling in this alternative address, you can be assured that you will receive all the messages that are being sent to you from your site. Add your alternate email address on the "Maintain Artist Menu", under "Maintain Your Basic Artist Data".

The Group Blog

Since we introduced the MyArtClub.Com Artist Blog back in June, several artists have asked us to extend this marketing tool to enhance their group site as well. MyArtClub.Com is pleased to add this enhancement to the Group sites. The link to the Group Blog appears on the Group page if the group blog is activated. The link to the Group Blogs appears with the links to the Artist Blogs on our main portal page.

Advertising on the Internet

MyArtClub.Com is please to extend our advertising services on the Internet to the artists on our site. If you wish to participate in this program, you can login to your MyArtClub.Com Main Member page and click on the link to Market your site. Under the heading "Market Your Site", click on the link to Internet Advertising Program. From the Internet Advertising Program, you can click to Sign up for the Shared Advertising Program or Sign up for the Direct Advertising Program or click on the link to Provide Costing for an Advertising Program.

Visit us at the Arts Connection

Please visit MyArtClub.Com at the Arts Connection at the Ferry Building Gallery, 1414 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver from 10 am to 12 noon on Wednesday March 28th. MyArtClub.Com will be demonstrating how to use your MyArtClub.Com site to market your art on the Internet. We look forward to seeing you there! The Arts Connection is an artist's networking, drop-in centre that meets on the last Wednesday of each month. The drop in fee of $5 allows artist to meet other artists, share information, learn new ideas and have a coffee & muffins! Check for the current program schedule.

Well that is it for the February 2007 update. Thanks for reading � hope you enjoyed it, look forward to seeing your latest art and comments on the Internet!

Peter Newell and Cam Anderson,

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?
Please write to us at: Webmaster @MyArtClub.Com

P.S. Previous issues of this newsletter are available on the MyArtClub.Com under the Member's Help Section.

P.P.S. please pass this newsletter along to others. Any artist who doesn't have a site with MyArtClub.Com is welcome to post up to 3 of their images in the MyArtClub.Com Showcase Gallery at no charge, and will receive newsletters too!

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